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Welcome to my amateur radio site

Welcome to my amateur radio site! I have been an licenced since 1977, hold an advanced amateur certification, my original callsign was VE3KCH, then VE6ABV, now VE6VH. I am currently member of the Calgary Amateur Radio Association and recipient of two Merit awards, as well as the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA). I was one of the founding members of the NovaTel Amateur radio club, as well as the Calgary Amateur Builder's Club (CARBS), and am active in building out high speed digital networks in the amateur bands, and work mostly from 900 to 3500 MHz.

To find out more about me, please visit my Linked In page.

On this site you can find copies of my published articles and technical papers, a calendar of upcoming events and also more about projects that I have done both in the past and those that are ongoing. I sell my projects on a 'bare board' or fully populated on a cost plus basis, and I licence software as I do support it. I can be reached by e-mail by composing an address with my callsign at this domain (figure that one out, spam robots!).

Shack Tour

Please sign the guest book and take a tour of my shack! 73.