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DC Power Controller Project


In any amateur fixed station project DC power control is a necessity. This panel was designed as a central distribution point for DC power in a rack with a main on/off switch, status monitoring, individual breakers, and 12/24v conversion. The panel was the first to be manufactured using Front Panel Express, all the components fit properly the first time.

The components that were used are off the shelf parts for the boating industry. At the left of the panel is the main on/off switch, followed by a monitor that shows current voltage, current draw and power consumed, which can be used either for monitoring the supply or a backup battery. Below that in the rear are two bus bars for DC distribution, and a series of DC breakers for several components in the rack. To the right are three 12/24v boost converters with individual voltage/current meters. These are connected to the POE injectors (see Power over ethernet project), and to an ethernet router that runs from DC.

The main power supply for the rack is an Astron RM-50A, which supplies up to 50A DC, and also has a battery backup connection and trickle charger. Changeover to the backup battery is seamless. All items for this projec were found on e-Bay.