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ICOM Serial Adapter


This project was my first venture into the world of CAD design on my own. I take no credit for the schematic, I found it in an article about ICOM radios; all I can say is that it works well, and uses discrete transistors rather than a MAX232, so it draws less current and is more freindly to serial ports.

This implementation is realized on a small PCB that is designed to fit into a Hammond 1455D601 enclosure, shown above. At one end a DB-9 is soldered end-on to the PCB, at the other is a small 2mm phone jack that connects to the radio. An activity LED was also added that is on when a connection is made, and flashes off when there is activity.

I have been successful in remotely controlling the radio using both HDSDR and Hamlib. This is a relatively inexpensive project that lends new functionality to any ICOM transceiver. The board was laid out with KiCAD and manufactured locally by Alberta Printed Circuits.