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VE6NHM 900 MHz Repeater Project


This project implements a 900 MHz repeater using the FPGA repeater controller, and a Raspberry Pi 2 as a remote programmer. It is a testbed for remote FPGA updating over a network. The FPGA code is reformatted to the STAPL format, and a standalone programmer on the RPi2 is connected to the JTGA port of the FPGA.

The input frequency is 902.25MHz, and the output is at 927.25MHz. The input requires a CTCSS tone of 100Hz, and the output transmits a 146.3Hz tone. It is currently located at a temorary location in NW Calgary.

The exciter was built from two Kenwood TK941 radios. The 15 pin auxiliary connector was removed, as it is obsolete and replaced with a DB-9 instead. This brought out what was required for the repeater application.

To get better sensitivity the original 938MHz filters in the front end were replaced with 915 instead. These are readily available and can be ordered on the purchase tab.