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VTR2881 Conversion Project


This project has a long history to breathe new life into old G1 cellular telephones and tune them up to the 902 band. The result was a working radio, with the added bonus that the data transmitter/receiver runs at 9600 bps.

The conversion procedure is quite complex and should only be attempted by experience builders. The converted radio is only capable of 0.5 MHz channel spacing, and is not very sensitive, however that could be improved by adding a preamplifier. The duplex mode is no longer available as the duplexer has been replaced with a simplex switch. The power output is about 3W.

The radios operate in four modes:
Mode Transmit Receive
Voice Simplex 904.5 904.5
Voice Duplex 908.0 920.0
Data Simplex 905.5 905.5
Data Duplex 906.0 918.0